You will all eat food from Prison

You will all eat food from Prison

An interesting news this morning.

In Thiruvananthapuram city, a new scheme is introduced “Visappu rahitha nagaram”. Which means “Hunger free City”. There is nothing great in that. right? But yes there is something interesting. This scheme is introduced by “Prisons Department” with support of Kerala Social Security Mission.


Material resources are supplied by SupplyCo – The state run civil supplies firm. Human resource catered by Central Prison, poojappura.

Earlier, Prison came up with the innovative idea of selling Chappathi and Curry prepared by prisoners. That turned out to be a great success. I am sure this new initiative will also touch success.

Their plan is to serve 2000 meals for free and rest for Rs 20/plate. A plate of meal will comprise of

Rice: 300 gms
Sambar/Dhal: 100gms
Crisps: 25 gms
Mixed Veg Curry (Aviyal or Puzhukku): 75gms
and Pickle.

A score of 100 prisoners will be serving this purpose. Kitchen is ready. They are starting with Gas cooking ranges for now. But have plans to cook using Solar powered Kitchens.

Another feather in Kerala’s Cap.

Source: Kerala Koumudi [25-Apr-2013]

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