Yet Another Lankan Turmoil – Loose thoughts

Yet Another Lankan Turmoil – Loose thoughts

It was early 2010 when Channel 4 came out with an explosive documentary which unveiled the cruelties Srilankan Army were doing to the Eelam people in Srilanka. Literally, millions of people were in exile in there own land. Thousands and more were killed just for the reason that they speak a specific language. Srilankan government forgot that, they were killing those people who built that country from nothing. This is unacceptable.

Sidelining of a sect of people is nothing new to man. This has been happening all the way from ages. Only difference will be on what criteria this sidelining/discrimination is done. In many parts of India, even today discrimination is there based on caste. When the caste based discrimination was at its heights, (in south india) we had great leaders like Periyar EVR, Ayyankali, Sri Narayana Guru etc. They never took weapons to prove their point. They won. But in Srilanka, Tamils failed in this point where they decided to prove their point with weapons. (Tamil politicians never want this problem to end. Once the lankan problem is fixed, they do not have any other emotional stuff to provoke and tie people to them. May be next would be the good old Dravidistan Theory!)

It is not that Tamils were fully wrong. Definitely, they had a very legitimate point, RIGHT TO LIVE. But the way they approached it was using extremism. There is a thumb rule- ‘A revolutionist is an outlaw unless he wins. If he wins, he is a revolutionist else terrorist”. This is how Ernesto Che Guevara became a revolutionist, but Prabhakaran became a terrorist. Unfortunate.

Later, in first half of 2012, another documentary from Channel 4 revealed that Prabhakaran’s 12 year old son was executed after the interrogation. AND THAT IS THE LIMIT.

United Nations Human Rights Commission has started the procedures to pass a resolution against the Srilankan Government for the war crimes that they have committed. There are 47 members in UNHRC. So, to pass the resolution at least 24 votes should be there. Norway, USA, Russia, China and India are in UNHRC… Though many of the countries agrees to the resolution, So called Super power, India is still afraid to vote for the resolution.

Reasons India is not voting FOR the resolution

  • Crappy old theory of Non-Alignment
  • India’s Stupid policy of “We will not vote for action against any single country”

Grow up India

  • It is time, India has to scrap the Non-Alignment theory. People are more educated. (And even I have started thinking big!)
  • Criminal is a Criminal. Whether it be Rajapakse or A Raja… Crime must never go unpunished.
  • We have been seeing the TV Ads “India Shining”. Let the war come, Show the world who we are. (This is just an emotional surge)
  • Stop being an invertebrate. Show the guts to stand up for the righteous thing. (At least show the same enthusiasm here as you do financial scams!)

Another fact is, about the race. People in Tamilnadu are more emotional in the case of SriLankan Tamils. What they miss to understand is, This case is nothing related to India and is an home affair of Another country. Indian Government can only request for not disturbing the people inside. Nothing more nothing less.

Conditions in India

People are already screwed by high inflation. It will be suicidal to invite a war condition. Obviously, none other than Tamil people will emotionally see this scene. That is no wrong thing. It is hard to find people who love their mother tongue to this extend (Though they screw their language in their own ways). I am thinking about what will happen if Indian government gives asylum to all Lankan Tamils and let them free in India.

  • Who will feed them? (Do all Indians eat two times a day?)
  • Who will give job to them? (Do all Indians earn at least Rs 100 a day)
  • Where will they live? (Do all Indians live in houses? Then why people are ran over by trucks and cars in footpath?)
  • Who will bear the expenses incurred for those who are coming from Lanka.

Even though all these questions are answered, tomorrow we are sure that there will be a bifurcation again “Those who are Indian Tamils and Those who are Lankan Tamils”. The war in some other country will become an internal affair of India. Havoc!

  • This is a pure diplomatic affair.

  • India can be afraid of a war, but should never be afraid of raising the voice against a criminal state.

  • India should take a big bro role and make Lanka do what the right thing is.

  • Punish Mahinda Rajapakse and his Aides

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