Why this Kolaveri on Kolaveri di?

Why this Kolaveri on Kolaveri di?

Everyone loves their own mother tongue. But that should never be a starting point of hatred towards another language. That is almost like loving your mother and hating your friend’s mother. After all, both are mothers. Only thing is the other one is not your mother.

IMHO, Mother tongue is like our own mother. Because, we are being brought up by our mothers… We never bring up our mothers. Same way, mother tongue will help us to grow and learn more things. It should be a stepping stone. Not a wall that blocks you from external world.

Now let me put it straight, why I am writing this. Off late, I have been seeing many post and comments about “Why this kolaveri di” song by Dhanush. Often it is observed that, commenting it is just a start and it ends in “hate speech”. Reason, obvious he has raped Tamil language (only for those who say so… not for me).

How I see that song is like, it is a creative work done by a citizen of India, abiding all the legal constraints laid down by the constitution of the land. There is no obscene language used nor any bad words, defaming notes about any person is demonstrated. Hence there is no grounds on which a person can say that he has done some cruelty towards the language.

Within very short span of time, this song has gone beyond the expected extend that, it had independent remakes done even in middle east! Similarly, the so called “Pure Tamil” people from Jaffna, Srilanka (better known as Yazhpanam in South India) has come up with a version purely crafted in Tamil language. According to one of the line in that version they are trying to play a sentiments card saying- “Those who tried to work for Tamil(language) are demolished”. This one cannot be agreed prima-face, the literals. A corrected version may be, “Those who tried to work only for Tamil language, outside TamilNadu were demolished”. Simple reason is, Only people who know and need Tamil are those in Tamilnadu. Others have their own mother tongue to be taken care!

Life will be tough if you stick to any local language. Let it be Tamil, Malayalam, Telugu, Kannada or what ever it may be. Even Chinese/Mandarin is in that list now! One of the oldest languages (obviously next to Tamil) is also facing the same threat. Nothing can be done for that. Because, world is not any more big. It is too small now. Each one person should be a global citizen. No person can live with a regional language alone. That is the mistake people in Tamilnadu had done one time. Good that they are picking up lot more languages. I know that even one generation ago, people will know only Tamil as a language. Whereas people in neighboring states learn 3 languages from lower school. Comparitively, scope for the people from TamilNadu will be narrowed down due to their slimmer language abilities.

Solution is simple… Follow Thiruvalluvar. “Karkka Kasadara Karpavai Katra Pin Nirka Atharkku Thaka”.

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