The Rock Fort City

Thanks to Sathesh and Banumathy! Wish them a wonderful life ahead…! 🙂

I was in Trichy for last two days for wedding of my colleagues. During the stay there, I got a chance to visit the Rock Fort.


The rock fort is the main icon of the city of Thiruchirappally, better known as Trichy. The above image is the bell room of the temple. Primarily this was a temple which abodes shrines of Lord Ganesha, known as “Uchippillaiyar koil”, Lord Shiva, known as “Thayumana swamy”, Amman and Lakshmi Devi atop the rock. It provides a wonderful view of the whole city. Night lights here is very beautiful!

Though it was a temple from the age of Pallavas, it was subsequently handled by Vijayanagara samrajya, Nayaks of Madurai and British. During Vijayanagara period this rock was fortified and used as a watch tower and garrison. Hence a Bell room there.

Geologically 83 meters high rock is one of the oldest in the world, dating back to 3 billion years. Shape of the rock itself is very interesting, which looks different in each angle. A banner seen there…



More photos here: Picasa web


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