The Italian Affair

The Italian Affair

I saw a couple of posts by my friends, which said about the recent attack against quilon based fishermen by an Italian merchant navy vessel. Argument was clear. Tamils feel that government is taking more care to those Keralite fishermen but no actions taken against the Lankan Navy for killing Tamil Fishermen. These kind of posts are coming out of sheer ignorance. It is unfortunate that people come to conclusions before knowing what exactly is happening.


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I can see a big difference between these two killings.

The first and foremost differentiator is the class of the vessel. The vessel which has done firing at Arabian sea is a Merchant vessel. Not a navy vessel. They were at Indian waters which is not disputed with any other country. Where as the killing in Gulf of Mannar are happening in a disputed water or very close to another country’s water. And god knows if the fishermen have crossed the allowed border.

A similarity I can see in both cases are, Central government till now has not responded anything on neither of these killings (Gulf killings has not happened for at least last couple of weeks).

As per the coast guard head has told that, “Italian vessel has committed very serious crime by attacking and killing unarmed Indian citizens in Indian waters in day light”. Cochin police has demanded to detain 6 Italian security personnels. Incident happened on 16-Feb-2012 Evening 4O clock. But till now Police has not been able to move their procedures to detain these criminals. News is that, Indian diplomats and Italian consul are having a discussion in the vessel as of now! What kind of discussion is happening there is a mystery. Officials say this is diplomacy. I wonder what is “Diplomacy” doing in this criminal affair. A vessel that crossed the borders and in an alien water killing civilians of another country is no way related to diplomacy.


When a foreign citizen is committing a crime in an alien land, local police need not have to consult with the embassy or consulate before detaining the criminals. But as it is Italy and Italy is mother land of our mother of the nation “Mistress Antonia Edvige Albina Mino Rajiv Gandhi”, things will surely take a turn. Mostly towards Italy! But surely, if those criminals (BOTH ITALIAN AND LANKAN) are left scott-free, Indians have to find a new method to cover their own face.

This is definitely different from the killings in Gulf of Mannar just for the reason that Killing by Navy (Militiary) and killing by Merchants are different.

In both cases Government is acting like a sterile penis with erectile mal-function!

Is the history repeating? Merchants coming to colonize and kill the people of a so called great country? Let us wait and see.

As all of you know I am an IT coolie, not a government employee, lawyer, diplomat or any other thing.  Killing is just killing whether Italian, Lankan, Pakistani or even Indian does it. Crimes should be punished.

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  1. Don’t know much about these issues. But issue as such, depends on the person who perceives it. In the end, the one with power has the final say. I really don’t worry about such stuff, as it takes a lot of energy to analyze and to find a solution. All problems have a way of fixing themselves if left alone.

  2. amen sir! If a russian or mexican merchant ship fires on unarmed US fishermen off Alaska or San Diego, I dont think US State dept will hold “diplomatic discussions” before arresting the perpetrators. Courts will later figure out

  3. Kudos to Kerala Police! For framing following up and bringing the ship crew to land. As per IBN Live, these crew members are charged with IPC 302 and will be produced before court tomorrow.

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