The Guru Within – III

The Guru Within – III

Time calls for the duty of every person to express his passion and ambitions of life. Sometimes, persons impersonate time and ask us to do that. Here my friend Arun Vaidyanathan, has asked me to elaborate on one of the stanza from “Moha mudgaram” written by Adi Shankara of Kaladi.

Arun said,In India, we always have something to look forward from the celebrities… am talking about the sensational TV show ‘Sathyameva Jayathe’ …Atleast now have seen people praising it on and as FB status updates. Let me tell you one thing. Even Aamir knows it that he cant change anything… People praising and recognizing the wonderful eyewash by one of the powerful celebrity has nothing to do with the population of 100 crores. I’m not sadistic with this stuff but looking ahead of the time what we always fail to see. We glorify the deed (something like that :P) simply that its Aamir and the rest of the time keep on kicking with our own stuffs. So the best part is Aamir is unraveling a wonderful story line for the unproductive Sunday mornings where he is getting paid about 3-5 crores per show and I don’t know how much does it reach the people in need from his earnings. At least he should have shown his patriotism by doing it for free. If you ask or question this eyewash am a sadist who always finds faults with everything. This guy promoting a drink which is multinational is stating himself a patriot…Well then everybody are… by this time Kasab would have also become one.. as he is being treated better than where he came from. I would suggest him look up to Rajni (we use to ridicule him by the pathetic/sadistic jokes) and Kamal (Ultimately…… the Ulaganayakan) as they never promoted anything even the national brands. For me its just another TV show…. Do it and lets hope that some of us (or his fans) might get a chance to change something which nobody dared to do … By the way best of luck Aamir. — with Harish Krishnamoorthy and Santhosh Janardhanan.


My response was,

‎”jadilo mundee lunchitha kesha
kaashaayaambara bahu kritha vesha
pasyannabhi jana pasyathi moode
udara nimitham bahukritha vesham” – Prof. Shankar of Kaladi


Meaning is something very simple and what we come across every day. Many of the times, we will be seeing people who claim to be sanyasi or a sidhan with long hair (jada) or sometimes with tonsured head (mundanam). They claim to have some special powers or “Grace of god” which can help you wash off your sins. Some come in Saffron (Kaashaayam), some in funny indifferent dresses to impress you emotionally or spiritually. No matter what they do, They are doing it for filling up their belly.

We play different roles every where. But thinking of the result which is expected, we all do things for our own needs. Nothing is given back to the society as all those great people do. At least that is not the intention! Same way, Amir Khan need not have any intention of pulling up the society. Rather, it is his duty and passion as an actor to be in the media. Nothing more, nothing less.

There is no great intention for human being in what ever thing they do than to fulfill his own earthly needs. Food, Cloth and Shelter; and that is all we need! Man will do anything for the above said.

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  1. Nobdy live for others… But the question is are they expected
    to ? no answer… then what we call as a good and bad… ends in confussion…. But still
    when somebdy is said to be the rolemodel can plant sme changes…. Nice post buddy… Let the guru within live long…. 

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