The China-Chennai-Ceylone Connection

The China-Chennai-Ceylone Connection

I managed to communicate with some of the local people there, who were standing around a road side tea shop. I had to play a dumb-charades game to make them understand that I am asking for the bus stand. One old man came with me walking and showed me the bus stand. After waiting there for a few minutes, a bus came. It had board in three languages, English, Sinhala and Tamil. So, it was very easy for me to identify the bus to Kandy. It was SLR 20 from there to Kandy. I always looked out for the boards of shops which would tell the place name. I was able to see many sign boards which said the distance to Kandy. Soon after I saw the Kandy – 8KM board, I saw the Kandy Botanical Garden. The road was like a yellow carpet with the flowers which fell down from the near by trees. Also, I started feeling a bit cold. Chilled air was blowing through the bus window.

As I had already told the bus conductor to tell me when I reach near the Dalada Maligawa, he promptly informed me about the same and I got down from the bus. I asked many people about a rest house called “Burmese Rest”. To my shock, no one knew the place. In a hope that some cops could help me, I walked towards the tooth temple. Per a police man, Burmese Rest might be near Trinity College. Burmese Rest is the cheapest place to stay in Kandy and of course in the whole island. This is because, it is only LKR 300 = INR 120 only… good huh! This is because, Burmese Rest is originally a rest house for the Buddhist Monks. There are no attached bathrooms or running showers. Still it is good if you are fine with that.

I was not able to get an accommodation there. There was another English lady – Lora who was also in search of a room. We just waited there sharing our plans. By this time another guy came in, incidentally he became my first mate for the rest of my trip. He is a Chinese national, named Ching Mung Tang. I helped Lora to contact a hotel- Olde Empire which was my next destination. Myself and Tang came to an agreement to share the room and rent. It was a fare deal as both of us wanted to save some money.

We headed to Olde Empire, located at the exit of Tooth Temple. We took a bus from Trinity College to Pansara Mawatha which means Temple Street. We were able to find the cheapest room for LKR 740. We decided to stay there for the night. After taking a shower, we both headed out for dinner. We found a small Indian named restaurant- Soumya Hotel. We had string hopes (Idiyappam) with Vegetable curry.

And we called it a day. Slept well like it is the last night of the world.


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