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Mugamoodi (The Mask)

Mysskin, as a promising director in Kollywood, has his own style of telling stories. This time over, he has tried a different trade by moving out of the sex rackets, the abduction gangs, street fighters and all his usual stuffs. Till date, Mysskin is considered to be as an art director by who the viewers will be happy and the producers will not be. All his movies are critically acclaimed but bombarded at box offices. Nandalala was the last one to flop, miserably. And Nandalala was the only movie which Mysskin gave some pre-release promos. All his effort for Nandalala was almost in vain as it was not appreciated neither critically nor commercially.

Usual comments (a.k.a complaints) people say about Mysskin’s movies are they are too realistic, they are violent, Does these things really happen in Chennai!!? etc… May be because of this over realism, he has moved to a bit of fantacy-super human-type oriented story this time!!