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It happened to me to see two movies in a row this weekend. Usually when my friends pull me into some movies, it makes me regret due to the story and technologies used in the movie. However, this time, no regret… both the movies Rock On and Saroja were terrifically good. For the same reason, the way they recite the story and relate the events. Oh! No! I am not trying to play a bearded critic on these movies. Rather, as a layman I would like to appreciate those movies.

Rock on, is surely a different kind of entertainer. The greatest thing I liked in the movie was the story was successful in keeping suspense for a long time, for showing the reason of the breakup of the band. The threads between the present and past were blend perfectly. The ins and outs of the flash back were simply great! Farhan Akhtar, Oh man… he is superb. He is such a multifaceted personality! Still it is hard to believe that he sung those beautiful songs himself!! The opening song- ‘socha hei kya’ makes any kind of audience to stick to the seats. Starting with that and until ‘Sindbad the sailor’ it was superb. Not only Farhan, Arjun Rampal, Purab and Luke played their roles very well. It seems Arjun Rampal learnt playing guitar for this movie. Because when the music is played, his fingers on the guitar tabs seemed very realistic. Also the ladies team- Prachi, Shahana and Koel done a great job. Though in a small role, Nicollete bird too did well.

One thing… The movie being a music based one, the song music was not that much extra ordinary. It was just like other bollywood movies… nothing special in it. Especially when it comes to percussion instruments, the songs were just above average. Those guitar leads were marvelous. It seems to be loosely based on Tom hanks’ directorial movie- That thing you do. Director groomed Rock on really Rocking!

And Saroja… saamaan nikal diya.

Tamil film industry’s real strength is the wide pool of talent who can tell usual stories in an unusual manner. Saroja has a story which simply resembles a Scooby doo or Richie rich cartoon! I heard somewhere, this movie is an inspiration from another English movie- Judgement Night. It starts something like the Eurotrip movie, four friends going out to another city and facing hell lot of problems and how they escape from all those problems comprises the story. One does not need to compromise anything for this movie. All commercial components were well mixed in this family entertainer. Not like other contemporary movies, vulgarity is nominal in this movie.
Shiva’s TV serials, the golti brothers and the washbasin mouthed Premgi really rocked it out. Venkat Prabhu excels in treating the situations in different angles. The frames of the chase were wonderfully captured. The factory, I think it is the old Binny Mills, plays a great role in creating a horror effect in the spectator’s mind. I could see people sitting at the edge of the seats during the chase sequences.

Songs department handled by Yuvan, kept its loyalty. ‘Dost bada dost’ and the engagement songs are really good. The picturisation of the song ‘Kodaana kodi’ looked like a mock to ‘Kathaazha kannaale’ of Anjathe, except the sexy hip shakes of Nikita Tukral. She was awesome! 🙂

Something that really entertained was the moment when Premgi ask Charan- “Yaaru sir antha figure?”! And the spoil sport was the trap preparation sequence. Although it does not spoil the whole movie’s spirit, director could have thought a little bit practical solution. I don’t know what I mean though!

What to say… guys, see these movies in cinemas only… DVD, especially pirated will spoil the mood of these movies.

Enjoy… Rock on Chennai!

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  2. I am sick of “boologa” politics… In English I dont know anybody, nobody knows me! So no problem… 🙂

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