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  1. dear friend
    very nice presentation about weakness of the dam,
    1. Regarding damage of dam and killing of people of kerala.
    we are also more concern about the people of kerala. since you are our brother. if anybody really a indian, every one should bother about other persons (either malayalee or tamil or so on,)
    2. Regarding the judgement of supreme court
    do you feel that govt of india and supreme court of india will not bother about us. Will they give wrong justice to us?
    3. Regarding the technical expert committe
    Will the technical expert committee appointed by supreme court is not capable to judge the dam condition?
    4. finally
    we should faith on our judiciary system. (Since it is not our municipal court or district court to favour somebody)

    I am very happy to send a mail to you. Since you had given a very informative message about dam which i dont know. but dont propagate with negative attitude since a lot of malayalees and tamil peoples are close friends (out side tamlnadu and kerala)

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