Neither male chauvinist nor a feminist

Neither male chauvinist nor a feminist

I saw the movie 22 Female Kottayam here at Satyam Cinemas (Seasons), Chennai last night. Despite a Sunday night, the house was full.  There are lot more and expert movie reviews already out on the net about this film. But I think it would be good to write on my own words about my experience with the movie.

I would thank and appreciate Aashiq Abu for making such a nice movie. Fahad is a surprise pack each time and every time. I am sure, he will come out of the name “Fazil’s son” and turn it around. His underplay of strong emotions were well received in the hall and was really enjoyable! Tessa, She is hot as ever. Bold and Beautiful. Good that there are some women left in Malayalam movie industry with some acting skills.

Story is small. The way it was told is in the way audience will be glued to the seat. And the characters were as perfect as hand made. Yes veteran actor T.G.Ravi gets all the applause. Can’t believe he was the official rapist of yesteryear Malayalam filmdom! He is so natural. Hats off to you sir. So is Sathar as DK. A neat come back.

The narration is where it becomes a directors’ movie. In no place in the movie, I felt it lags. Though I could find a couple of cliches here and there, that is indeed pardonable! Let me make it a shorter post…

  • Tessa and Cyril, the character development.
  • Narration, no boring flashback-present-flashback confusion. It is a circular movie, to tangent. Starts with today, goes back and ends with today. As simple as that!
  • Not many characters, Easy to remember all.
  • Usage of veterans and youth together. Hats off to TGRavi Sir and Sathar Sir. Though TGR is only for few scenes, the impact he makes is great. (കെട്ടിപ്പിടിച്ചു ഒരു ഉമ്മ കൊടുക്കാന്‍ തോന്നി). Sathar Sir retains his youth in mind. Only the body gets old! Great fella! hmmm… Prathap Pothan, look at the negatives.
  • NO. IT IS NOT A MALE CHAUVINIST MOVIE OR A FEMINIST as it is accused. This is story of a 22 year old girl from Kottayam. Nothing more, nothing less.
  • Jail and Zubaida were well portrayed. A different Jail experience! lol! I have not seen the actual jail. But this was an unusual Jail.
  • Candid language. I liked it. That is the natural way of life.
  • Climax performance by Rima (when she smiles behind Fahad and cries before him) was par excellence.
  • Prathap Pothan, though a great actor, I would like to see him in clean and +ve roles. Because, being a psycho is usual to him. Change the stones na!
  • There are cliche scenes when the relationship between Tessa and Cyril grows. We have seen a lot of movies with the boy and girl sending SMS and making phone calls throughout the days… Could have found a better way to treat it.
  • Blood and gore. But OK, that is the story.
  • Rather not for family audience. I went alone! It may create a few awkward moments if gone with parents of kids.
  • Director missed to “Explicitly” state that this is not a generic story of all “Kottayam Achayathi”. I could take it as Tessa’s tale, but not all will take so.
Altogether, a good movie. And a warning that there is a Tessa in every girl. Don’t know when they will be out and cut your crumb!
If not many more kidu movies release this year with this quality, Tessa is a sure bet for many awards. Award for Fahad is a cat on the wall. Aashiq Abu also a strong contender. Good work people.

Thats all your honour.

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  1. Nice review..!!! Can’t agree more with the last point ”
    Director missed to “Explicitly” state that this is not a generic story of all “Kottayam Achayathi”. I could take it as Tessa’s tale, but not all will take so.”
    This was/is being marketed as a generic story of Kottayam Chrisitian Nurses. Even several comments in the movie support this notion. Looks like this is deliberate.. and if so that’s biggest issue I have with this movie. And according to me, this is one movie where they should have obligatorily stated that this is a fictional work and bears no resemblance to real-life characters. Though you may find resemblances in real life for the situations depicted in the movie, the context is completely misplaced. You would find very less Mallu Nurses in Bangalore leading the lives like the movie portrays. The apartments that they live in, the clothes that they wear, is completely off-track. Reema and others looked more like they are students of Fashion Technology, for instance. That Reema is a nurse just helped in explaining the surgical context.

    Nevertheless, for me, this was a brilliantly directed movie. The same can’t be said of the story and screenplay though. The minimalist approach that he has followed in terms of setting the background and character development is refreshing and it looks like the director has achieved what he wanted; whether it is good or bad is debatable. 

    And yes… T.G. Ravi and Satar were just fabulous… Reema and Fahad performed adequately well.  That is about it. The drinking scene was very taken by the director.. so long since I have seen a genuine drunken act rather than the normal over-the-board acts put up on the screen. The way Reema starts to talk in a relaxed manner and opening up her mind is very real-life like. However I don’t agree with your views on character development.. the character of Fahad is the most poorly sketched.. neither is Reema’s. The only character which is well conceived in this movie, according to me, is that of Sathar and yes, T G Ravi delivered the the best lines with the finesse of an actor-par-excellence

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