Makarajyothi- Controversy? No… pure ignorance

Title should suffice what I am going to tell. No more talks 🙂

I am following the theory- “One picture can talk thousand words”.

Total of 46 participants.
This is how people were able to distinguish between vilakku and jyothi.
Those who think they understand vilakku and jyothi tell this…
These many people realize that they are being cheated.
Cause of the mishap
Straight question- Is it man made? Here, you need to see that "No" and "I don't know" should be considered collectively as "No". People are ignorant!
There is no corrective action. Only preventive action is possible… That is to educate people more about the facts of these rituals. Only TDB and Govt. can do that.
This is how the 46 people think about the moral right of atheist thoughts in this matter. In straight words, majority thinks that Atheist groups have nothing to do with Sabarimala issues.

What more?!

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