Interview tips

Interview tips

8 questions that candidates must ask

A good job interview is a two way communication. The employer asks questions to determine if a candidate is an ideal fit for the job, and an intelligent candidate uses the interview to evaluate how he would fit with the role, whether he will be able to bring his full potential to the table and how well his goals and values align with those of the company. For a serious candidate, a job interview is not only a platform to showcase his talent and accomplishments, but also the most tangible opportunity to evaluate whether the role matches his skills and expectations.

To know this, candidates also need to ask a few questions to the interviewer:

1.What are the key things you expect me to accomplish in the first 60 to 90 days? What projects am I likely to get involved with during my first 6 months here?
2.What is the typical career progression curve for a person in this position? And, how would you describe an ideal candidate for this position?
3.Who would be my reporting boss, and will I have the opportunity to meet him or her during the interview process?
4.What are the challenges that the department I will be working in is currently facing?
5.What are the common attributes of your top performers?
6.Is regular education and professional training offered by the company?
7.How would you describe the overall culture within the company?
8.What do employees do in their spare time?

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