Homemade chocolate cake in pressure cooker

A simple-cheap-easy way to make a cake at home.

It will take hardly 45 mins to prepare this cake.

Home made cake


  1. Plain flour/Maida – 1 cup
  2. Caster sugar – 1 cup (I tried with powdered sugar- It is OK. But I am not satisfied)
  3. Cocoa powder – 2 tsp
  4. Butter – 1/4 cup (in room temperature) + for greasing
  5. Baking powder – 1.5 tsp
  6. Salt – 1/4 tsp
  7. Water – 1/4 cup
  8. Egg – 2 nos
  9. Vanilla essence – 1 tsp
  10. Cashews, Resins, Blueberries – a few for fillers

Other needed things:

  1. > 5 Ltr Pressure cooker
  2. Lot of salt
  3. Ring stand (Or use a small plate)
  4. Whisk
  5. 5-6 inch cake mold


  1. Fill the pressure cooker with salt to about 1.5-2 inches in the bottom. Place the ring stand/plate in center.
  2. Take a mixing bowl. Sift flour + Sugar + Cocoa powder + salt through a sieve in to the bowl. Give a brisk mix with a fork.
  3. Add butter to the mixture and whisk well until you can’t find the butter in it separately.
  4. Place the cooker (#1) on stove in high flame without the pressure weight on. Note: We will not pour water in the cooker. Nor will we use the pressure weight.
  5. Add water and vanilla essence; whisk until it is a consistent paste.
  6. Beat the eggs and add to the choco paste. Whisk well to get a fluffy batter.
  7. Add nuts (I’d recommend cut the nuts before adding) to the batter. Mix well.
  8. Take the cake mold. If you do not have one. No worries. Get a steel tiffin box which we used to take lunch to schools :). Grease lavishly the container with butter.
  9. Transfer the batter to the container. You may add a couple of cashews or resins on top of this (But while cooking, those may go down).
  10. Open the cooker. Carefully place the mold/container on top of the ring stand. Secure the lid back on the cooker.
  11. Put the flame to medium and set an alarm for 15 mins.
  12. After 15 mins, open the lid and pierce a skewer/tooth pick (hopefully unused 🙂 ) to the cake. It must come out clean. If there is some batter on the skewer, it means the cake needs some more time to get cooked. Secure back the lid and give it another 5 mins.
  13. Once the cake is cooked well, take it out of the cooker and let it cool for 5-10 mins. Technically your cake is ready. Transfer it to a plate. You may need to give a touch with knife if the sides are sticking to the mold. If the greasing is good, this wont happen.
  14. Garnish with cream/icing sugar and have a good time with family and friends.


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