Oh Father, forgive them for they have sinned

Oh Father, forgive them for they have sinned


I am thinking out loud how the politicians in Tamilnadu (or in any other state) spoil the normal life of people for their own material interests. See the below image; This was published in one of the leading national news caterer (a.k.a TOI-let paper), dated 16-05-2012.

Despite the matter how good her governance is, I doubt the need of such a cheap advertisement. Ma’m, you are doing your duty, and not a favor. We know what you are doing.

The claim here is “Tamilnadu will become most prosperous and progressive state by 2025”. I wish it do that. But, given the reality, In last one year, what all has happened in TN?

  • One MLA was murdered* before his first meeting in the assembly
  • A police man was murdered while many of the political leaders were watching it like a reality show
  • Honor killing, in the name of caste. (That is one of the most shameless incident)
  • Fishermen killed in Palk Strait. (No proactive actions from State government than to blame the center)
  • Disputes with Kerala grew over Mullaiperiyar issue
  • Disputes with in the state grew over Kudankulam issue
  • Bus charges increased 300%
  • Electricity charges hiked 200%
  • Fuel surcharges/state taxes not reduced when the price goes up (No action to control the price)
  • Road developments stagnated

The above said things are those I quickly got in my mind. The list can go on.

Now, how they are spoiling the normal life becomes a big worry.

  • Rice at no cost – What needed was, enough job to people so that they can buy rice
  • 4 grams of gold for thirumangalyam – huh! Government must have took actions to stop this gold addiction and dowry. In Tamil culture,  a piece of turmeric is considered more sacred. Where is the culture safe guarded (as they claim to be)
  • Mixies, Grinders, Electric fans. – My foot. There is no power and for the power that they give, are charged double!
  • Cows, Goats and sheeps. – And have made sure, it will reach to those who will accordingly ‘take care’ of the official who are distributing them
  • Laptop for students – I don’t know. My cousin sister whose family is financially backward has not got it.
  • Green houses with solar lights – Where are these located?
  • CM’s comprehensive health insurance – That must be a joke.

There is a prerequisite for having multiple political parties. For example, Congress, CPI and BJP. Congress is considered to have right-wing policies. Where as BJP has “far right-wing” policies and CPI have left-wing policies.

In Tamilnadu, there are *only* two parties. And all others are parasites of these two. At least in next general/assembly election, what people have to really think is, what difference these two are going to bring in the state. To my political understanding, these two have no difference. And the aim is only power. X comes to power and puts Y in jail. Next time Y comes to power and puts X’s relatives in jail.

huh! Grow up, Indian Politics!

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  1. These Damn politicians are using all the resources (land, electricity, water, wealth) for their bloody development leaving the society to suffocate. The politicians son/daughter marriage dont need  2 Km of tubelight as this guy is gone tie his knot from 2 Km till mandapam.. and we pple suffer powercuts and pay tax from our blood to feed these sucking parasites.

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