Favourite Trio- Suriya-Harris-Hariharan

Suriya Sivakumar

I am up with a new sort of experiment, at least for me! Till date I never tried to sing a fast beat song like this. Sung this song in a single take.

From the 2009 movie ‘Ayan’, directed by K V Anand, which starred young charming Suriya Sivakumar and the young cherry berry Tamanna Bhatiya. The song- “Palapalakkura pakalaa nee” which turned out to be the intro song for the hero. This song was picturized so beautifully that viewer will be at sea confusing whether to look at the wild visuals of Africa or to listen to sweet melody from Harris Jayaraj’s factory.

Here it is in my voice. Before you start listening to my voice, remember, I am an SCM Engineer… not a professional singer! But sure, your critics and comments can make a better me!! 😀



[image courtesy: http://www.extramirchi.com/gallery/albums/south/movies/Ayan/Ayan_surya_Tamanna6.jpg]

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