Exonerating Ramayana from prejudice

Exonerating Ramayana from prejudice

As all we learned from the elementary school, Rama killed Ravana, there are some behind the scene events, which are cleverly and deliberately forgotten, just for the sake of making Ravana a negative character. As I told in my previous post, Ramayana is an epic. Hence, it answers you any question raised about the story. A simple question(!) :

Who is the father of Sita?

If you said Janaka. Bingo! you are wrong. Sita’s father is Ravana. Digging more into it…

Despite Ravana born in Asura vamsa, He is said to be one of the greatest devotee of Lord Siva. More than that Ravana was an expert in using veena. He was ruling Lanka like a heaven. But as everyone have some weakness, Ravana’s weakness was ‘ladies’. Due to some immoral behaviour by Ravana towards an orphan lady- Vedavati, She vows to reincarnate and take revenge over Ravana. Later, a baby girl was born to Ravana and Mandodari. By the time of the baby’s birth, Ravana happens to hear an asareeri (celestial saying) that, Ravana’s end will be due to this child. Hearing this, Ravana orders his soldiers to kill the child and throw away. But faith cant be changed. Instead of killing the child, that soldier keeps her in a jewel box and digs it in a remote place (Probably, he crossed the sea and went to Bihar side-mithhila). Later a day, King of Mithhila plaughs the land and gets the same child. The rest is known to all.

As time passed away, Ravana became a good person with good thoughts, but with a gloomy face. Then comes our great manipulator, Narada. Seeing a gloomy Ravana, Narada understands his worry that, no matter how powerful emporer he is, once he killed his own daughter. Narada advice Ravana that, his daughter is still alive and she was a princess, but now living in a forest- Dandakaranya. Hearing this, Ravana becomes excited to see his daughter. But he was not willing to tell others that Sita is his daughter. Hence he sends his sister Surpanakha to check whether her daughter is fine there in forest, saying that there is a handsome guy there in the forest named – ‘Laskhamana’. But she goes there to invite bad times to herself. Finding out himself that Sita is living in misery, he decides to bring Sita to his palace. This time Narada says that, If she knows, you were the one who ordered to kill her, will she come with you? It is for this reason, Ravana abducts Sita.

Even if, it was an abduction action, Sita was accommodated in ‘Ashoka vanam’, which is said to be one of the elite gardens in Lanka. Ravana, put lot of women to assist and accompany Sita. Those were the most beautiful women in asura kulam. But we say that, they were horrible in their appearance!

The rest is Mythology!

So, This is how our guys villainised the poor chap Ravana!!

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