What runs the show of life?

Only two things- Desire and Hope.
There are two ways [image courtesy:]
For an average human being, desire is the only thing that pulls himself to another scene. And those desire itself is the root cause of all mistakes committed by him.

Desire always grows seamlessly. Until he dies the thought of “Enough” never comes to his mind.

A person gets a coin on his way from the road, he hopes more coins through out his way. One small thing comes to his hand and mind builds up empires on that!

The moment desire stops, man starts the greatest thing- ‘Self realization’. Once he realizes himself, he moves on to ‘Enlightenment’. But is it possible by everyone?

The capacity or maturity to control or suppress desires is given only one in millions.

Growth of desire is clearly traceable. A fellow with no job hopes for a good job which will fetch him a salary of Rs.10,000. Once he gets a job, he is happy. Happy, only for 6 months. He is fighting his life to run smoothly with Rs.10,000! He desires for a job which will give him Rs.15,000 per month. He will get that too… Another 6 months, his desire is up again!  It goes on for ever. Even, he will desire for the power to print currency! At no point in time, his desire is fulfilled.

In fact, all has the mind of “Enough”. But the problem is, once the Enough (desire) is reached, mind moves to a new target. That becomes the new “Enough”. That is the wonderful game played by god, for those who believe in it!!

When desires are fulfilled, mistakes, complaints and disappointments disappear. When mistakes and sins disappear from the world, no one will have any feelings or experiences. If there is not experience, people will not be able to distinguish between evil and virtue. In a nutshell, man learns from his mistakes and recognizes what is good and what is bad. And that is same reason why human being have desires.

Desires can be classified into three:

  1. Desire of land/prosperity/pride
  2. Desire of wealth/money
  3. Desire of lust/body

By desire of land, murders happen.

By desire of wealth, robbery and burglary happens.

By desire of lust/body, sins happen.

All human being will have at least one of these desire. Rest is just a fistful!

This is why many cultures advocate for a desire-less life. Desire-less life does not mean a life in penance or Sanyasa. It is the mind’s fullness, “What ever I have is enough for me to live a peaceful life. Let what ever comes to me, come. What ever goes, let it go. Rest will rest with me.

As Aadi Shankara said,

Nalini dala gatha jalam athi tharalam

Thath thwad jeevitham athishaya chapalam

Vidhi vyaadhyabhimaana grastham

Lokam shoka hatham cha samastham

Life should be like a drop of water on a lotus leaf. But one has to understand that life is also just like that. It is highly vulnerable that the drop of water can be thrown out at any time. The world is and will always remain gloomy or sad just because of Vidhi (wealth) Vyaadhi- diseases (body) and Abhimana-pride (prosperity).

These rules are still working in this world. And looks like it will continue to prevail until the human race is off the face of earth!

At last, only desires lead us to life.

[Ideas from Kaviyarasu Kannadasan’s Arthamulla Hindu Matham. But I do not advocate anything for Hindu religion. Rather, I take the good things from that book.]

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