Daag achhaa hei! A lil abuse ok!!

I feel like getting into a press conference and abuse all the media on-record. All because of the recent happenings in our society due to over interference of media.

Anything which is going out of control will revert back one day. I believe, media in india is nearing its death. Or atleast the bad time for them will start soon.

I’m writing this post with two incidents in mind. 1- media frenzy created by telecasting live shows of cheap politicians who are challenging each others for a bunch of goondas- mr.pinangrayi vijayan and k.sudhamakaran. They behave like local rowdies calling the other one for a fight. As the case is being investigated by police, politicians need not interfere it. And media need not pay attention to those a** h***s who are making unwanted noise. For atleast one week, people in kerala were getting no news other than goonda mafias, pinangarayi, sudhamakaran and paul muthoot. Did nothing else happened parallel in kerala? I wonder. Media had only few words to say in a jumbled manner; repeatedly…police, goonda, mafia, pinangrayi, sudhamakaran, paul, muthoot, s knife, black smith…WTF!!
2-The poor crorepati Mr.Shashi Taroor. All because of a good habit…tweeting. What ever he told is correct. Atleast the contreversial tweet… The holy ‘mother’ cow and holy ‘son’ cow are the biggest cheaters. Mr. Taroor started travelling in economy class much before the austeres. Proofs are floating over the net. And the holy cows were doing dramas! Travelling in second class train for a while… And the holy son spent more than a crore to roam around in tamilnadu, not for the country, just for his f***ing party… Holy cows are always holy… And they holy s**t.

I just wanted to vent out my anger towards the media…

Yes man… Indian media sucks…screw it!

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