Our Contribution to English

Our Contribution to English

India being a country with thousand languages, is not stopping with that. We Indians contribute to the grammar and vocabulary of English.

Below is an output from one of the discussions in Google plus. It is not about if the statement or phrase is right or wrong. But for sure it is confusing or at least funny in many instances.

1. Calling somebody ma’am and sir

2. What’s ur good name

This looks like each of us have a good name and a bad name! This must be a true translation of hindi statement: aap ka shubh naam kya hain.

“May/can I ask ur name”, “what was ur name again” , “sorry I didn’t catch ur name”.

Similarly,  you do that one thing from (tum ek kaam karo )?

3. He is not in/On his seat

In or On , this statement makes it sound like “He is supposed to sit his ass down all the time, but now he is not”
He is not here at the moment OR He is not at his desk right now

4. Shall I off the light?

5. Park in the backside. (of the building)
grammatically correct. Except that for lot of people backside usually refers to buttocks.For them its funny hear Shall I take/pick you from the backside, sir

6. He is not in his cabin

Commanly used, But cabin usually means a hut or cottage. Not
Cubicle .?

7. Club together, lets club both the meetings together
To contribute to a joint or common purpose…– for lot of people Club together would mean going to a party.

8. Using “*Wise* “at the end of word
e.g:- Color-wise not good, taste-wise super

9. Please do the needful
Let’s coordinate
Kindly revert {Revert means “to return to a former state.”}
Gentle reminder — and next time tough reminder ??
Acting Pricey: (?)
Out of station
He has expired. (Could confuse with expiry date of products.)
Prepone the meeting (I have been told prepone is not really word.!!)
This is the N-th time I am telling them.
Avail the offer
Mugging : for memorizing something(?). To lot of people it means getting robbed.

Some are obsolete and some improper. All are in IT lingo deprecated 🙂

10 .I completed it yesterday itself
“itself” at the end doesn’t seem right.

I am working only
{“only” at the end of sentence is kind of cute, but could avoid it}
I am doing that just now only
{*Just now * seems to refer that its already complete}

Full style and all

11. Full body paining
Whole body is paining.?

12. Discuss about : (Just discuss it, don’t discuss about it)

13. order for tea (Order tea)

14. Cheap and best (Oxymoron)

15. Very delicious. (So delicious ?)

16. Puncture not puncher

17. Cousin brother/sister : Cousin is enough

18. Sir Please wait for a while {I have noticed people using for a while and just a moment interchangebly}

19. twice weekly (Twice a week)

20. Starting the sentence with ‘why because’ – എന്തുകൊണ്ടെന്നാൽ/ஏன் அப்பிடின்னா..

21. ‘if suppose’ –  இப்படி வச்சுப்போம்

21. Using the word “means”, as in: if you tell me ‘means’, i will take care.

Also, I would like to add Patric Edward’s thought…

Queens English is just a dialect now. When India earns more money, and become wealthy, Westerners will learn our English.

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