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  • Daag achhaa hei! A lil abuse ok!!

    I feel like getting into a press conference and abuse all the media on-record. All because of the recent happenings in our society due to over interference of media. Anything which is going out of control will revert back one day. I believe, media in india is nearing its death. Or atleast the bad time […]

  • Rules That Guys Wish Girls Knew

    Got this from somewhere. Copyrights go to the original writer… not me! 1. Sometimes we just don’t want to talk. Don’t take it personally. 2. We notice other women because we are men and we are alive. This does not mean we’re planning to dump you and jump them. 3. Our favorite T-shirts are not […]

  • The guru within – II

    The most discussed thing during tea time among young(only young?) IT professionals(only IT?) would be girls, women and sex! Talking about worldly pleasures which are not going to add any value to your life. There is nothing wrong in talking worldly matters unless it has something good to do with your or some one else’s […]

  • The guru within – I

    ***** Blabber ***** Along the long history of human race, there had been many teachers, spiritual leaders, “Gurus”. Some of them went from detachment to salvation. Some went from Sex to spirituality, Dwaitha to Adwaitha, Humanity to Spirituality… enough! I am here a guru- of self. I go from Information technology to Spirituality. I walk […]

  • Saroja Rock on Chennai

    It happened to me to see two movies in a row this weekend. Usually when my friends pull me into some movies, it makes me regret due to the story and technologies used in the movie. However, this time, no regret… both the movies Rock On and Saroja were terrifically good. For the same reason, […]

  • Kerala meets Chennai!

    I am a foodie! I love eating, eating and eating. For the same reason, I will try any new hotel/restaurant opened in Chennai. Since the day 1 I reached chennai, I was searching for a place where I get kerala cuisine. Atlast, I found a place where I get some good food in chennai in reasonable […]

  • Madras Mail hauls for the first time

    Dear readers, I am Santhosh Janardhanan, a humble resident of the great city of Chennai (Rather I’ld call it Madras). This is my first ever English blog. I would like to share my views on the place I am living now. Ofcourse, there will be some comparisons also, to the places I lived before or […]