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  • How are you at roads?


  • Grand Indian Cricket Circus – IPL Auctions 2011 – Day 1

    Show for the day one is over. A grand money drain festival that liquidized $6,85,50,000. Don’t think this is a small amount of money. When converted to Indian Rupee, it is Rs. 3,108,057,010.46 (Three Hundred and Ten Crore Eighty Lakhs Fifty Seven Thousand and Ten Rupees, Forty Six Paise Only!!) Big surprise was given to […]

  • 101 – Only by thalaivar!

    Rajinikanth killed the Dead Sea. When Rajinikanth does push-ups, he isn’t lifting himself up. …He is pushing the earth down. There is no such thing as evolution, it’s just a list of creatures that Rajinikanth allowed to live. Rajinikanth gave Mona Lisa that smile. Rajnikanth can divide by zero. Rajinikanth can judge a book by […]

  • Lessons Learnt [Censored]

    Nothing official about it… Aahaa!! [Experience from one of my previous company] I am trying to explain my experiences with arranging team outings. My experiences are so bitter that I had decided that I’ll never again take the responsibility of managing another team outing. The simplest reason behind that was, “I am a poor people […]

  • Nagalapuram – Travelogue by CTC & NDTV-Hindu

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  • Nagalapuram – An old travelogue

    Long long ago, once upon a time, Myself and my very dear friend decided to join a trekking club and go for treks. We decided to go to Nagalapuram, a hill range bordering Andhra and Tamilnadu. It was a two days trek, which went a “do or die” situation. Though most of us had cameras […]

  • Illayaraja – The sensation – II

    There’s innovativness seen with every instrument/instrument line he uses, he uses a lot of inversions, for example the starting sequence for the song – Engae en Jeevanae” from  the movie “Kalai Thendral” shows a EP piano playing a few notes, and the bass guitar accompanying with the first and fifth notes of the chord. Here […]

  • Illayaraja – The Sensation – I

      I have a lots to say about IR. I think it was some 15 years ago that I first had heard a song that he made. This was the time when VCRs were around, so one of my dad’s friends had given us a video tape that had the song “Nilavaee Vaa”  from the […]

  • The Rock Fort City

    Thanks to Sathesh and Banumathy! Wish them a wonderful life ahead…! 🙂 I was in Trichy for last two days for wedding of my colleagues. During the stay there, I got a chance to visit the Rock Fort. The rock fort is the main icon of the city of Thiruchirappally, better known as Trichy. The […]

  • The damn dam

    Preface: This post is purely taken out from another blog which is written in Malayalam – Nammude boolokam. I believe Nammude boolokam will not complain against me to take the subject and properties used in the post. I do this as part of the e-campaign for saving Kerala, by saving Mullapperiyar Dam. Dear readers, I […]