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  • Agile Architecture

    Agile Architecture

    Introduction Many in software industry say agile design is a hit and run sort of development or in fact “no design”. Let us know how our software architecture evolved.

  • Verbal Diamonds or Verbal Diarrhea

    Verbal Diamonds or Verbal Diarrhea

    End of 2012 may be the worst ending of an year in last 50 years for India as a nation, giving exception to the Indian Ocean Tsunami year. A brutal rape, which has shaken the mind of the nation. A 23 year old girl who is entitled to roam free in her own nation, was […]

  • Death in Nagalapuram – CTC’s name at stake

    Death in Nagalapuram – CTC’s name at stake

    Here is a news clip from Times of India Chennai. Taking a backup of the news. And this is one of the reasons I stopped trekking with CTC long back.

  • Fancy dress memories!

    Fancy dress memories!

    I remember once when Sangeeth was studying in 3rd standard, he wanted to participate in a fancy dress competition. We decided to dress him like an Andamanese tribal man.

  • Mugamoodi (The Mask)

    Mugamoodi (The Mask)

    Mysskin, as a promising director in Kollywood, has his own style of telling stories. This time over, he has tried a different trade by moving out of the sex rackets, the abduction gangs, street fighters and all his usual stuffs. Till date, Mysskin is considered to be as an art director by who the viewers […]

  • Billa 2 – Roller coaster ride

    Billa 2 – Roller coaster ride

    Billa 2, a much awaited movie of the year 2012 hit the screens at last. I too got a chance to watch this movie, though only on the second day. As I was pretty positive about the movie after watching the teasers, I decided to watch the movie in Trivandrum itself instead of in Chennai.

  • Exonerating Ramayana from prejudice

    Exonerating Ramayana from prejudice

    As all we learned from the elementary school, Rama killed Ravana, there are some behind the scene events, which are cleverly and deliberately forgotten, just for the sake of making Ravana a negative character. As I told in my previous post, Ramayana is an epic. Hence, it answers you any question raised about the story. […]

  • Retired – Hurt

    Retired – Hurt

    19-May-2012 “I just now came back from Nagalapuram one day ‘Relax Trek’. One good thing is, I have decided I will never go there again. And that is the bad thing as well. Reason is simple- I have seen Nagalapuram Forests 47 times including this. I have seen her as the most beautiful place, in every […]

  • Oh Father, forgive them for they have sinned

    Oh Father, forgive them for they have sinned

      I am thinking out loud how the politicians in Tamilnadu (or in any other state) spoil the normal life of people for their own material interests. See the below image; This was published in one of the leading national news caterer (a.k.a TOI-let paper), dated 16-05-2012.

  • A guide to Inception (2010 movie)

    A guide to Inception (2010 movie)

    Here is a simple guide to understand a twisty curly movie 🙂