Billa 2 – Roller coaster ride

Billa 2 – Roller coaster ride

Billa 2, a much awaited movie of the year 2012 hit the screens at last. I too got a chance to watch this movie, though only on the second day. As I was pretty positive about the movie after watching the teasers, I decided to watch the movie in Trivandrum itself instead of in Chennai. Expecting a huge crowd of “Thala” fans in the New Theatre compound, myself and Shan reached there one hour before the show. We were surprised to see a deserted New Theatre. We had a chit-chat about the memories about the theatre. Earlier, when we were kids, looking at this theatre itself was a taboo. It always played “A Padams”- Adult movies. The first U certified movie that was screened here after that “A” era was Jurassic park. I remembered my appa bringing me and my younger brother here for Jurassic Park and the trip back on his Raleigh Bicycle. Shan too had a similar memory. Only difference was his father had a Vespa Select scooter.

Coming back to today, it was time for the show and we got in by around 6pm. With in half an hour, the balcony got filled up. But almost all the seats down were vacant.

Starting of the movie itself is with a MASS PUNCH DIALOG: “Yen vaazhkaila ovvoru naalum, ovvoru nimishamum… yaen ovvoru nodiyum naanaa sethukkinathada” (meaning, every single day, every single minute and every single second in my life is crafted by myself). And it was a promising start. This movie is a prequel to the previous movie – Billa. And this movie is supposed to show how the character Billa was formed.

I would like to touch down certain politics in this cinema and my views on that. In popular tamil culture, supporting Eelam Tamil people is a noble thing. No arguments there. Politicians are already exploiting that sentiments. At least, filmdom could have refrained from doing this. David Billa is portrayed as a Eelam Tamil immigrant who seeks asylum in South Tamilnadu. Movie very well talks about the way these immigrants are treated and it is a slap to those officials who are doing it. Fair enough till then. Past this, the movie shows Billa escaping from the refugee camp. He grows into a diamond smuggler, a drug smuggler, a weapon dealer, a hench man to an anti-social don etc… What should I understand from this? Those people who migrate to India are becoming underworld dons? Wrong message. And it becomes un-acceptable even for people like me who has no specific sentiments to those refugees. (Though I have deep concerns on the way they are treated).

Another politics I could understand in this movie is, in the refugee camp scenes, there is a dialog which Ajith says, “naangalellaam agathinga… anaadhainga illa” (We are refugees, but not orphans). A sect of pro-Eelam people are upset with the sentence framing. They wished to here the word “Thaayagam thirumbiyor” (those who came back to mother land) instead of “Agathi” (refugee). My take is, it must be the movie makers discretion. You are just playing your politics. The director has his own politics. Let him play that.

There is nothing much to say as a story. If Ajith Kumar were not in this movie, it would be a real hacksaw blade! Ajith and his mass appeal was the sole property of this movie. He is there from the first frame till the last one. It is a condition where the whole movie converges to one single person called “Ajith Kumar”. If you consider the fact that, this movie is supposed just to be a character building movie and nothing more, the story could be forgiven.

Though it is a declared mass movie, it could have at least not insult the coast guards! The way Billa and Ranjith trick the ICG and pull out the arms consignment is really irritable.

The aversion towards other languages and people speaking other languages which prevails in Tamilnadu is notorious. For the same reason, Chakri would have refrained from introducing a hindi speaking character in the refugee camp. It pours oil into the fire which is already there. “All those who speak non-tamil languages are not bad people. And all those who speak tamil are not good as well! :)”.

Chakri Toleti, the director of the movie has done a good job by splitting the scenes very aptly. Instead of cutting it many times and pasting it more times (as our Shaji Kailas-DonMax team does), there are clear purpose for each shot and nothing is a filler shot. R D Rajasekar has done the master job by handling the camera part. This is the first time a south indian movie is shot with Red One cameras which give a world-class scenes. Ilavarasu is an added advantage in the movie. His talent of portraying south tamilnadu characters is excellent. Especially the Tirunelveli language.

Minuses, there were two lady characters in the movie just to show case that he had a family. Somehow, he finds them after fifteen years. This girl Parvathi Omanakuttan is just a waste of money. She had no role in the movie. Also, there is no emotions coming on her face. So sad na… The other bitchy woman (I don’t know her name) She is hot… Thats all. Anyone would have done this task. The movie feature at least 100 murders. 75% of killings are done by Thala himself. That too in a stylish way. Is this the message or teaching that the movie makers intend is an important question. Despite of these many killings, movie shows no police men!! Poor India!

Exceptional things: The one song which has just cartoons and nothing else is a great work. Also, the stunt scenes were over violent. But OK for me. Ajith has done some really nice stunts in this movie. Clinging on to the chopper and all, we have seen in Kolilakkam itself. But today, I do not think all actors would do this in Indian Cinema (except Akki).

In a nutshell, a not so great movie with lot of killing and Ajith in it. Chakri Toleti has made a film just for Ajith fans. Not a must watch movie. But ok.

Compel me and I would give a 6/10 for this movie.

Thala pola varuma?

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