PHP 8 has brought several new features and improvements to the popular server-side language. In addition, frameworks and libraries like Laravel, Symfony, Guzzle, and Monolog are making web development faster and more efficient. Other trends to keep an eye on include microservices architecture, serverless computing, headless CMS, and AI and machine learning. These latest trends in PHP are helping developers build faster, more flexible, and intelligent web applications.
Written on 12 March, 2023
Chat GPT is not a threat to software developers; rather, it can be a valuable tool for them to automate tasks, improve communication, learn and improve their skills, and be more productive and efficient.
Written on 8 March, 2023
This cheat sheet provides a summary of key concepts and practices in Agile Scrum, an iterative and incremental approach to project management. The cheat sheet emphasizes the importance of delivering value to the customer through collaboration, teamwork, and continuous improvement.
Written on 7 March, 2023

The Dunning-Kruger effect is a phenomenon in which unskilled individuals overestimate their abilities while skilled individuals may underestimate their abilities.

Written on 26 February, 2023
Let us see why goal setting is important and how to do it well. Goal setting is the seemingly simple process of committing yourself or to someone else for achieving some milestone in future. This is important both in professional and personal fronts. Let us see how one can set own goals efficiently and thrive to achieve it. These are proven techniques anyone can follow. All it takes is a little bit of ambition and will power.
Written on 21 January, 2023