An indian against corruption

An indian against corruption

Disclaimer: I don’t believe that Jan Lokpal is the end of corruption. But I believe in Anti-corruption movement.

This blog post’s idea started from reading Mr.Nanadan Nilekani’s (NN) interview with FirstPost Political. I agree with most of NN’s points including what he said about “10 or 15 needy things”. Still I have to express my view on the anti-corruption movement and disagree with him. (Yes I know he is not Anti-Anti-Corruption.)


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My opinion is, who says there is nothing good happening in India. There are a lot. But the bad things here are over-seeding good things. Now NN is dissenting with Anna. Same way Anna and other civilians have their right to dissent with the Government version.

A practical way of explanation is, If you put Sandalwood and Garlic together in a box, in due course of time, Sandal wood will start smelling like garlic. What Anna and other civilians are asking is to keep the garlic apart!

May be all politicians are not corrupted. But there is a saying in malayalam which says- “An innocent man will do the same effect of a villain!” (sorry for that poor translation. in malayalam we say ‘shudhan dushtante phalam cheyyum”). If there are so many good politicians there, why dont they urge to implement some strong anti-corruption laws? Civilians are taking over Parliament when Parliament becomes just a spectator of all the anarchies going on in the country.

And no way one can justify what ever the UPA government have done to a 74 year old Ex-Army man who played a vital role in building up a self reliant, an “All Inclusive” village from thin air. A person who played vital role in making one of the strongest existing law- Right to Information. This UPA government became the joker of the millennium by giving a warrant based on CRPCs and making a precautionary detention on a civilian leader (note- not political). There is no movement in Indian history where a fight has gone for more than two days without mass violence. For the first time, Anna’s movement set an example by conducting a protest without breaking a single public property (neither private). [But personally I feel people will become impatient and do something wrong. And the government is waiting for that. So that they can say the protest is violent and so ban this movement.]

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As Arun Jaitley rightly said, government/Prime minister has to develop a will power to do something to those who send all the parliamentarians on duty – The people (you can read “The donkeys” instead. I wont misunderstand you).

I don’t know if it is only in India, when ever a law is passed in the houses, there will be more ways to escape than to be caught for wrong doings! I hope at least the so called “Jan Lokpal” will have lesser holes or smaller holes!

(PS: Nandan Sir, If I apply for a job in your office, please don’t discard my application for this comment!!)




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  1. Anna who is fighting against corruption in public eyes is an inventor of a big political game through which he had kept unjustified demands which went unquestioned by public.

    He demanded in the Lokpal bill that the officials who will be responsible for handing corruption cases should be given police rights so that they can arrest any one and at any time.

    Only if one can imagine what it could lead to, if Government agreed to this, people sitting peacefully at home, with no dirt on their hands, can suddenly be caught for no reason and will be put in jail by Anna (in case he doesn’t like You ). The period given for the verdict resolution is only 2 years which is definitely not enough for an innocent to free himself of guilty before court in India.

    So if one has given even a 100 rupee note in bribe by mistake, get ready for an imprisonment of 10 years. Yes, the minimum is 10 years. Your whole life will turn into a black hole.

    I am not saying this will happen but by agreeing to his demands, Government will pass him enough rights to so this to any one in the country. So what you need to do if this happens? Well, speak out………”HAIL ANNA!”

    …And sleep peacefully

    Right to speech, yes it is a part of our constitution but when Arundati Roy spoke against Anna, public responded with something unexpected “She is a bitch, she should be raped!”

    What a response! Of course they also have the right to speak but are they not aware that under our constitution, we are not allowed to insult anyone in public? We are not supposed to use abusive language?

    Some of you reading this may be thinking that I am against Anna, may be I am favouring some political party but I have already made it clear that I was apolitical but as a human I have views, I support right and hate wrong doings.

    Now looking at the Government, never ending of corruption, more than 30% of them above 70 years of age, can we expect any change?

    Once there used to be king rule where one family ruled over the entire regime and the crown was passed on to their successors. Now we say that we have a democratic government chosen by people but is it really that way?

    Look at our political structure:

    Congress…began with Nehru Gandhi…followed by Indira then Rajeev than Sonia than Rahul………and it will go on forever , and we all know this is not the only family.

    The same genes, the same values are carried by their children and their children taken from their corrupt ancestors, how can we expect any change in Indian regulation?

    The only solution is to break this trend, to not have the same family keep ruling. Any politician who have been a minister or MLA should not be followed by his or her children, only new people with different belief system, different background should follow the regime. This is the only way out.

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