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I am Santhosh Janardhanan. I am in malayalam blogosphere since April 2006. I like reading blogs rather than writing. Still some times, I have a bad tendency to write. It never becomes the talk of the town! Previously, I wrote over three blogs- Trivandrum Chronicle, Madras mail and Krishnamani. All were for Malayalam, English and Photos respectively. In general, I stand out or try to make peace in situations where there are any turbulence in malayalam blogosphere.  Though, I was also involved in one of the rows in blog. More than I write, I read.


I look like this!

I suffer from MPD- Multiple Personality Disorder! I have one personality at office; and an entirely different one at home! I never mix both…

I like watching movies, always listening to music of all kinds from Classical to Heavy Rock. I cook, I eat, I sleep, I, I and I only!

5 responses to “About Me”

  1. Hi Santhosh,

    Read your “Enthino Vendi Thilakunna Sambar”.
    Got shocked after reading your story.
    My View is this story should reach our leaders of our nation and they should make the employement law very strict.
    All the best.

    Best Regards
    Salih KM

  2. hello man,

    What ever experience you went through is not only of software field but of many ******* private companies all over India.
    What ever happens if at all we have to die like an ass also our life and freedom is exclusively ours….”bakki ellam mathay paranja pole”

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