Month: July 2012

  • Billa 2 – Roller coaster ride

    Billa 2 – Roller coaster ride

    Billa 2, a much awaited movie of the year 2012 hit the screens at last. I too got a chance to watch this movie, though only on the second day. As I was pretty positive about the movie after watching the teasers, I decided to watch the movie in Trivandrum itself instead of in Chennai.

  • Exonerating Ramayana from prejudice

    Exonerating Ramayana from prejudice

    As all we learned from the elementary school, Rama killed Ravana, there are some behind the scene events, which are cleverly and deliberately forgotten, just for the sake of making Ravana a negative character. As I told in my previous post, Ramayana is an epic. Hence, it answers you any question raised about the story. […]