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The Rock Fort City

Thanks to Sathesh and Banumathy! Wish them a wonderful life ahead…! 🙂

I was in Trichy for last two days for wedding of my colleagues. During the stay there, I got a chance to visit the Rock Fort.


The rock fort is the main icon of the city of Thiruchirappally, better known as Trichy. The above image is the bell room of the temple. Primarily this was a temple which abodes shrines of Lord Ganesha, known as “Uchippillaiyar koil”, Lord Shiva, known as “Thayumana swamy”, Amman and Lakshmi Devi atop the rock. It provides a wonderful view of the whole city. Night lights here is very beautiful!

Though it was a temple from the age of Pallavas, it was subsequently handled by Vijayanagara samrajya, Nayaks of Madurai and British. During Vijayanagara period this rock was fortified and used as a watch tower and garrison. Hence a Bell room there.

Geologically 83 meters high rock is one of the oldest in the world, dating back to 3 billion years. Shape of the rock itself is very interesting, which looks different in each angle. A banner seen there…



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The damn dam

Preface: This post is purely taken out from another blog which is written in Malayalam – Nammude boolokam. I believe Nammude boolokam will not complain against me to take the subject and properties used in the post. I do this as part of the e-campaign for saving Kerala, by saving Mullapperiyar Dam.

Dear readers, I am joining nammude boolokam website in the e-campaign led by them for saving Mullapperiyar dam. I hope all like-minded people will join us. Pictures used in this post are taken by Mr. Faizal Muhammed who is a photo journalist for a leading print media in Kerala. Faizal published all the mullapperiyar related photos in his blog two years before. One can see the pathetic condition of the dam in the photos below. The funniest thing is, almost all media have the same kind of photos and visuals. But no one is publishing it in their media. Just because of vested interests and their not-so-serious mentality towards a catastrophic disaster which will occur in Kerala in near future. Let us do something, at least the smallest thing that we can do in regard of Mullapperiyar.

I, along with Nammude boolokam request readers to spread the word across; if possible, translate this article to Tamil or a better English article. So that an awareness is created.

Many people still believe that the so called dangerous situation in Mullapperiyar dam is just a hype created by Kerala government and Keralites. I hope this article will atleast show some shocking scenes from the ground zero. Mullaperiyar dam is one of the oldest of its kind in South India. It was built before 110 years using some jurassic technologies, which the builder himself tells the ‘estimated’ life of dam is 50 years. The dam breach is 60 years over due now!

Mullaperiyar-full This dam has a height of 54 meters (177 feet) and a basement of 44.2 meters (145 feet). It is built with a mixture of Lime stone and mortar. When it was built, there was no reinforced concrete or similar techniques. The engineer who built this dam calculated that this dam will stand for 50 years. After building the dam there was an agreement between princely state of Travancore and then Madras presidency. It was purely an unfair dealing. The agreement says of leasing out the land area of reservoir for 999 years.

Kerala was giving water to Tamilnadu. It is, and it will. No problem. Problem comes in the other way. The dam is not safe to carry water more than 136 feet of water. Tamilnadu wants it to be raised to 142 feet. Whereas in late 1970s itself central water committee suggested not to raise water level beyond 136 feet as the dam is not in fit condition. Fact is that even in 136 feet water level, Tamilnadu will be able to get water. Another interesting fact is that Tamilnadu pays Andhrapradesh Rs. 3 crores per TMC of water, and Rs. 40,000 for 70 TMC of water! Shall we call it incompetency for Government of Kerala? We should!

See the image below where you can see the week wall of the dam. You should see the cross section of the dam in the image above also to understand the impact of a breach!

Mullaperiyar Dam as it is seen with water level at 115 feet.
Mullaperiyar Dam as it is seen with water level at 115 feet.

Image below,you can see the cracks very clearly. Generally the security system there will not allow anyone to photograph this. Once, Indian navy was called for to photograph the cracks in the dam. But after boarding the boat, Navy got a call from ‘Higher’ authorities to come back! Understand, this “STRONG” wall is protecting the lives of 35 lakhs+ people who live downstream and 5 districts which are in the vicinity of this dam.

Cracks to take lives
Cracks to take lives

Water seeping into the wall through the cracks


Plaster on the wall of the dam eroded due to constant contact of water.


See the reservoir of Mullaperiyar! Good. Right? What Tamilnadu say is even if the Mullaperiyar dam is breached, Idukki dam will be able to stop water at it. Hey TN, what are your trying to say? Just forget about the thousands of people who are living between Mullaperiyar and Idukki dams? (Then, why can’t we forget people in Tamilnadu?!)


This is the gate of the “Srikovil”! Key is with Tamilnadu. What a pity. Our neighbor has the key to our home! And for sure, it will not be opened to a Keralite.


Here comes the super scenes. The below is inside the tunnel. Reservoir is on the right wall of this tunnel. You can see water oozing from the wall. Mind it. It is not any intended hole or crack. But it is one which developed in time course.

tunnel 2

Breach of this dam will be so disastrous that, the high court building in Eranakulam will be under water! So, think.

Dear Tamilnadu, Please don’t try to say that all these photos are taken inside my home!

I wish I get more details and photographs in this regard. Please pass the word…

Save Mullaperiyar Dam, Save Kerala

Credits for the pictures goes to Mr. Faisal Muhammed. Thank you Faisal. You did a wonderful work.