This fire works!

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This fire works!, originally uploaded by Santhosh Janardhanan.

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The guru within – II

The most discussed thing during tea time among young(only young?) IT professionals(only IT?) would be girls, women and sex! Talking about worldly pleasures which are not going to add any value to your life. There is nothing wrong in talking worldly matters unless it has something good to do with your or some one else’s life. Rest all are waste of time. We need to repeatedly memorize the same… Why am I thinking/talking of this bull thing!




Sankara says:

"naaristhana bhara naabhee desam
drushtwa maaga mohaavesham
edan maamsavasaadi vikaaram
manasi vichinthaya vaaram vaaram

Yes it means what you are thinking of! Being emotional on thinking of a sexy butly’s body is just a lust. It is all flesh and bone…the same things that you have in you. Remember this again and again.

Some times your work environment will seem to be a heaven. You will see all good things in it. May you praise it! May be you become poetic on it. Looking very closer to each detail of a thing. Project or work is just an example. Let it be some other useless thing. Still the whole world is running with ego, greed and diseases. Life is always tough man…! Believe it. It is never a cake walk. Elaborating this, Sankara says:

"nalini dalagatha jalam athi tharalam
thath thwath jeevitham athisaya chapalam
viddhi vyaadhyabhimaana grastham
lokam soka hatham cha samastham

A drop of water on a lotus petal will be very beautiful to see. It is poetic and romantic. But it is very uncertain too. It’s life will end when the sun starts staring on earth. The same applies to human life also. Here, instead of sun, our own greed works out to make ourselves uncertain.


Gorgeous Gorges

I found this beautiful place during a trek through Nagalapuram Forest of Eastern Ghats in Andhrapradesh. Wonderful, Awesome, Superb experience.

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The guru within – I

***** Blabber *****

Along the long history of human race, there had been many teachers, spiritual leaders, “Gurus”. Some of them went from detachment to salvation. Some went from Sex to spirituality, Dwaitha to Adwaitha, Humanity to Spirituality… enough! I am here a guru- of self. I go from Information technology to Spirituality. I walk in the shoe of Sri Adi Sankara. I use his shoes only! Path is my own.

***** End of blabber *****


I woke up from my bed. In the background, sweet voice of my favorite singer- MS Subbulakshmi was singing the usual song- “Bhaja Govindam”. It is a song which can relate to human life at any point of time; which can be related to a man who is in any stream of life. “Brush your teeth”, there came an order from my father! “OK Appa”, Said I and in a half thought, I walked to the wash basin. Still my mind was roaming around the words-

bhaja govindam, bhaja govindam
govindam bhaja moodha mathe.
samprapthe sannihithe kale
nahi nahi rakshathi dukrinjkarane.

Thought, thought and thought… I was going mad… What is happening to me? Am I becoming Swami Santhoshaanandaji?! Nuts! With my limited knowledge in Sanskrit, I learnt that Sri Sankara is trying to say- “Worship govinda, Oh fool! Rules of grammar will not save you from your end of life”.

Say, in a life of a software engineer. Lot worry about the work the whole day. At the end of the day, we are all disappointed with the fruitlessness of our work and life. You may say, you are very much satisfied. But the satisfaction that you are feeling now is just a false feeling. You try to believe that you are satisfied.

Daily we see people who always complain about their job. They are paid very less. “Macha, my friend is in XYZ company da he is getting x lacs salary da….” and so on. My question is “Why didn’t you get job in XYZ company?”. You didn’t study well. You didn’t perform in the interview. Your attitude was not right. And now, you are in a company which pays you according to your performance, caliber and all other blah blah! Just for the sake of getting more money you look out for another job! What a fool you are… Sankara says:

moodha jahihi dhanagama thrishna
kuru sadbudhim manasi vithrishnaam
yellabhase nija karmopaaktham
viththam tena vinodaya chiththam

Means- “Hey fool, just stop running behind money. Understand and devote to the reality (Your aggregates are low!). Be ready to face any reactions for the actions you have already done in the past”.

You didn’t study well. So, you are paid low. Now, you need to build a good career. Be stable in a company for some time. Yield goodwill. Be ethic. And then search for another job. Rather than just switching the job every year!

How great Sri Sankara is… He might have foresee the recession periods and IT booms in his age itself?!

Yaar… I am going mad… Please forgive me if I continue this article!