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Madras Mail hauls for the first time

Dear readers,

I am Santhosh Janardhanan, a humble resident of the great city of Chennai (Rather I’ld call it Madras). This is my first ever English blog.

I would like to share my views on the place I am living now. Ofcourse, there will be some comparisons also, to the places I lived before or I hail from.

You can see photographs and articles taken on Madras here. From Ennore to Tambaram, from Tiruvallur to Mahabalipuram and all that I see, all that I hear, and all that I want to say about Madras.

In a nut shell, I wanna say-
“Madras Rockz”

കമലം | kamalam

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Lotus, originally uploaded by Santhosh Janardhanan.

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